Sunday, November 4, 2012

Confident Men: Bucking Up the Troops Before The Election

It's the weekend before the election, and the 'net is filled with aggressively optimistic pronouncements from lefty analysts:

Sam Stein says the Obama campaign has personally contacted 125M voters. And I'm sure all of those people politely nodded and said, yes, of course I will vote for the president.

Eleanor Clift says the Obama campaign is working hard to make sure young single mothers get to the polls. Funny how the spohisticates on the Left are so reliant on naive, poorly educated people who have made bad life choices...and who don't tend to vote in large numbers.

Charles Blow says Romney is "unraveling" and his time is running out. Blow is right. Romney's been wasting his time going to all these huge rallies in Democrat precincts.

Bob Shrum has a long list of mistakes that have doomed Romney. If there's a guy who understands mistakes made in presidential campaigns...

Greg Sargeant says Obama's in good shape with three days left. He even says the polls would have to be systematically and catastrophically wrong for Romney to win. Of course, if there's one thing we've had a lot of in the last 10 years it's the phenomenon of once-unimpeachable institutions being systematically and catastrophically wrong

Jesse Jackson says (in the UK GuardianAmerica and the world "need" Obama because that mess he inherited was so deep, a standard no Democrat ever afforded "mess" inheritors Reagan and Bush 43.

Sean Sullivan, quoting David Plouffe, says Mitt Romney's play for Pennsylvania is a desperate ploy. Look, I get it that PA is a stretch, but didn't conservative stalwart Pat Toomey just win a Senate seat two years ago? (and didn't Rick Santorum represent PA for two terms when the state was even more Blue?)

Roger Simon says the "swift boating" of Obama (via Beghazi-gate) has failed, which is why everyone in the Obama Administration is pointing the finger at everyone else.

And, of course, Paul Krugman says you would have to be stupid to think the election will be close. I agree that a lot of people will look stupid come Wednesday. Hopefully, we won't be among them.

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