Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fingers Crossed: Get Out And Vote

Here's hoping!

I've been seeing a lot of aggressively optimistic election predictions from lefty analysts. From the right, the analysis is more in the category of "quiet determination." Regardless, there's no excuse to stay home today (nor, if you live in a swing state, is there an excuse to vote for Gary Johnson). Then again, if you are still "undecided," you probably should stay home.

I've been seeing some anecdotal tales of people stroking their chins, if not their nether regions, over the idea of voting for Romney for president; but then voting for Kaine in VA, Donnelly in IN, McCaskill in MO, etc. Ticket splitting, in other words. I guess people have forgotten, or never knew, that ticket splitting was one of the great banes of the Reagan Revolution. Voters, especially Reagan Democrats, had no problem electing a full-throated conservative president, but then voted into office some of the most vituperous and obnoxious leftists imaginable to Congress. Reagan didn't have a Republican House to work with until 1994 (D'oh!) which meant every step of the Reagan years was made with the dead weight of querolous liberals attached. Back in those days, Democrats could still get away with the old "talk Right at home, vote Left in DC," but surely those days are past. Keep it simple and just vote (R). Remember, a brain-dead Todd Akin is better than a fully engaged Claire McCaskill.

See you tomorrow. (hopefully with a still-intact television set).

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  1. I feel your anxiety and completely endorse it!!

    Watching the returns and hoping for the best!