Monday, February 13, 2012

Rough Trade: What's Going On With Bill Lockyear's Wife?

Odd doings in the East Bay, as a member of the Board of Supervisors for Alameda County, who is married the State Treasurer (and former AG) was apparently beaten up when she met up with a former boyfriend at a Newark motel. Yes, you read that right:

Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, was "violently assaulted" by an ex-boyfriend she met up with at a Newark motel after the Lockyers fought, her husband says. 
Newark police confirmed to us that they investigated a "politically sensitive" incident Feb. 3 after receiving a late-night 911 call from the motel on Newark Boulevard. When police arrived, they found a woman who was "despondent," a police spokesman said Friday. 
Police would not identify the woman, but Bill Lockyer confirmed that it was his wife.
He said he and Nadia Lockyer had recently been separated but had gotten back together before the Feb. 3 incident. 
The trouble that night began when they were arguing over the phone, he said. Nadia Lockyer hung up and headed off to the motel to meet with her former boyfriend, Bill Lockyer said.
She portrayed the boyfriend as "a troubled person," he said. "She thought he was having a crisis and she thought she could get him to calm down and to be OK and not to threaten suicide. 
"And he turned out to be angry ... and she was violently assaulted by someone she was trying to help," he said. 
But she wouldn't have gone to the motel, Bill Lockyer said, if he hadn't said "something to her that was unkind and hurt her feelings. ... That's what caused her to go."
I'm leaning on treating this less as a political story and more a psycho-sexual one. Nadia Lockyer made her name as an attorney with an interest in domestic violence issues, and yet here she is apparently getting beaten up herself by a romantic interest. I'm sure there are people out there who are just baffled that an  beautiful, accomplished wife and mother (and daughter of a prominent Latino civil rights attorney) would end up making her way to an anonymous motel to meet up with her ex-boyfriend with a criminal record. Attention bafflees: chicks dig jerks. It's just the way of the world. Don't make me expand on this any more than I need to. 

It's hard to know what effect this odd story will have on Lockyer's career, not to mention her marriage. I guess she's lucky that the police are treating this as a "politically sensitive" case, but don't seem to be turning over every stone looking for the ex-boyfriend who has conveniently vanished from the face of the earth. And, I guess she's lucky her husband* is loyally blaming himself from for driving her into the arms (and fists) of said boyfriend via some unkind comments made over the phone. 

Right now we are being carefully spoon-fed information, but what little we know is sordid enough. The fact is that members of the Board of Supervisors, whether of Alameda County or anywhere else, probably shouldn't be meeting up with their ex-boyfriends-with-criminal-records at motels, whether in Newark or anywhere else, if that is, indeed, what happened. And I kind of have my doubts. Isn't it odd that the wife of California's former AG would have a boyfriend with a criminal past? And isn't it odd that, though we know of the boyfriend, we don't know his name or have a picture? (the linked article lacks both) Doesn't anyone want to catch this guy? Or is he just a fall guy for the real story as to how Lockyer ended up getting roughed up at a motel, rather than staying at home with her husband and child?

Look for this story to get a lot uglier.

UPDATE: right on cue, Nadia Lockyer has announced she is entering a program to treat an unnamed chemical dependency

Lockyer, 40, the wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, said in a statement that she entered a “wellness and recovery center” last week for treatment of the unspecified chemical dependency and “my injuries from the assault.” 
She also said she was being treated for “chronic pain from a past debilitating car accident,” without giving specifics. 
“Alcoholism and addiction are diseases from which many of us suffer, and unfortunately I have not been spared,” Nadia Lockyer said. “I understand that the public and the press have an interest in the health of their elected officials. That is why I am publicly disclosing my medical condition and that I am seeking treatment.” 
The statement did not say how long the treatment may take, only that she planned to continue “doing the work I was elected to do.” 
Few details have been released about the incident that apparently led Lockyer to enroll in the treatment center. 
According to Newark police logs, a 911 call came in at 2:40 a.m.  Feb. 3 from the Homewood Suites on Cedar Boulevard regarding an altercation involving a man and a woman.
“The male left prior to officers arriving,” the log said. “The female suffered injuries to her head and neck. She was medically treated.”

Again, it's all the fault of the evil ex-boyfriend who continues to go unnamed and unphotographed despite  everyone's professed desire to catch the SOB. And, you've gotta love the discretion and circumspection with which the media is treating this story. If a Republican politico's wife was beaten up by her drug dealer at a motel...

*who gained a degree of fame in his AG days by blustering that he wanted to prosecute Enron's Ken Lay and then introduce him to his cellmate "Spike." Haw! Haw! What an ineffectual little man. 

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