Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Di$$ident$: Michael Moore Settles His 9/11 Lawsuit

You'll be relieved to know that Michael Moore and the Weinsteins have settled their lawsuit over Fahrenheit 9/11 profits. 
Michael Moore and Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein have settled a lawsuit filed by the controversial director, who alleged that “financial deception” resulted in him being rooked out of millions in profits from the hit documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11. 
Details of the Moore/Weinstein settlement agreement were not disclosed in a "notice of conditional settlement”filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court. 
Moore’s Westside Productions company sued Weinstein, his brother Robert, and the pair’s Fellowship Adventure Group last February in the midst of the Weinsteins’s Academy Awards campaign for “The King’s Speech” (which eventually copped the “Best Picture” Oscar). 
Moore claimed in his lawsuit that he was owed a minimum of $2.7 million in connection with “Fahrenheit 9/11.” In denying Moore’s claim, the Weinsteins branded their former collaborator as greedy, noting that the filmmaker has pocketed more than $20 million from the 2004 film.
I guess Moore is technically sticking it to The Man by taking a studio to court like this, but really this is more sad than anything else, the great anti-capitalist grubbing after a couple stray millions (earned libeling the former president and the military, I might add). Who wants to bet that Mr. 99% will not be spreading the wealth around, but will use every deduction and loophole available to reduce his tax bite?

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