Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get Back In The Van: Van Jones Takes Star-Making Turn At Democrat Convention

The CA Democrat Party held its convention over the weekend, and you'll never guess who was the star of the con-fab, drawing praise from bigwigs like John Burton and Nancy Pelosi:
Van Jones, the former Obama Administration green czar who resigned in controversy, appears on the fast track to a political comeback — emerging as a star at this weekend’s California Democratic convention and lauded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a “leader of the future.” 
Jones, who as head of an activist group called “Rebuild the Dream” has become a leading voice of the Occupy movement, was given the star speaking slot to address hundreds at the kickoff Friday night reception here sponsored by state party chair John Burton. 
To the cheers of the grassroots activists, Jones endorsed a “millionaires’ tax” as a means of firing up younger voters in the 2012 election, saying “that will get their attention.”
That's right, baby! Van Jones is back! And he's ready to make up for lost time after the unpleasantness of a couple years ago:
The effusive reception given to Jones underscores that the former community activist appears in resurgence since the days after the Obama Administration green czar was forced to resign after controversial statements and ties with grassroots groups that Republicans claimed had radical roots. 
Jones apologized for some of his actions, including signing a petition for which appeared to suggest the Bush Administration “may indeed deliberately have allowed 9/11 to happen.” 
The activist himself joked Friday that the stint with the White House represented “the best six months of my life..followed by the worst two weeks.”
Pardon me, but wasn't the problem with Jones the fact that he was an avowed, unapologetic communist? A communist who gave speeches explicitly calling for the overthrow of "The System" in favor of a "new System?" That 9/11 stuff was just icing on the cake, the bridge-too-far even for his leftist protectors in the White House and in the media. But, no matter, he is ready to fight to re-elect Mr. Moderate himself:
Jones repeatedly won cheers when he defined what he said were the issues and challenges faced by Democrats — and President Barack Obama — as the 2012 election approaches. 
“I’m tired of being accused of being anti-American,” said Jones. “”They call it class warfare…if anything, it’s warfare against people who have no class…they won’t even return our phone calls when our houses are underwater.”
But don't call Obama and Pelosi socialists! (or even leftists) That's H8!

Honestly, this stuff is more funny than anything else. Go ahead and try to get on a state-wide ballot somewhere "Van." I have no doubt you could win a congressional seat in Oakland or some other left-wing hellhole, but if we ever get to the point where Van Jones is any kind of future star of the Democrat Party we'll be so far gone it won't be worth getting upset over. 

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