Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Not Amnesty!

One thing you hear a lot from "comprehensive immigration reform" advocates is that their proposed bill is "NOT amnesty!!!!!!!" even though Ronald Reagan described the very-similar intended results of the 1986 reform as "amnesty in exchange for border security." I guess I could take their word for it, but Marco Rubio, et al. might want to know how immigration law is being marketed - in English! - by attorneys catering to the immigrant population here in San Mateo County:

(This, btw, is a rare example of Free Will shoe-leather reporting as the FW Cub Reporter and I traveled a mile down the road from our HQ to snap these dramatic photos).

The fact is that, regardless of what the old white guys in the Senate might say, the immigrant community and those who advocate for it, are telling themselves that DC's efforts to "normalize" the illegal population is amnesty, whether through the DREAM Act or through the Senate's comprehensive reform bill. That's certainly what Marco Rubio has been saying in Spanish to Spanish-speaking audiences. (if the guy doesn't like getting booed at Tea Party allies, he might want to cut down on repeated use of this Arafat-style of political persuasion). And that's certainly why we are being treated to an incomprehensible 1,000 page bill intended to mask its true effects, both intended and unintended.

Even if amnesty is not the result, we know what will happen: more masses chanting "Si Se Puede," more quavering-voiced news stories about people living in the "shadows," and an effort in the courts to obtain amnesty through judicial fiat with border security thrown to the wayside. Some form of amnesty seems inevitable, whether through legislation, judicial intervention, or pseudo-revolution. Choose your poison, I guess.

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