Thursday, October 25, 2012

That's Lena Dunham's "when you do it the first time, do it for Obama" ad that queasy conservatives have been mocking all day. Watching it, I am struck by a number of questions:

Does Lena Dunham like it rough?

Has she ever done the walk of shame?

Does she have trouble finding contraceptives?

How many people watched this and wanted to see her naked?

Are Today's Young Men attracted to mannish-looking, vaguely lesbian-ish, girls?

Are we supposed to believe this asexual tart actually has "Experience?"

If she does have "Experience," doesn't it seem likely that her's was a one-night stand with a tall dark stranger?

Sorry to reduce her to her sexuality, but, uh, wasn't that the point of the ad?

Does she know what the Lily Ledbetter Act does?

Are the three most important issues in American life birth control, Lily Ledbetter, and gay marriage?

Anyone thinks it's weird that Lena Dunham's name sounds earily like Stanley Ann Dunham?

Anyone ever seen these pictures of Mama Obama?

Do Democrats think single, college-aged women do anything besides f*** and get tatoos?

I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again: the GOP may be the Stupid Party, but what do you call a party that has Ivy Leaguers crafting arguments designed to appeal to stupid people?

UPDATE: These comments at Althouse are classic. "The first time Romney governs you, he might scare you a little. Because he's a Republican, and he knows how to do things..."

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