Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shadow Boxing: CA Liberals Sue Anonymous Donors

Jerry Brown's Prop. 30 - that's where he's asking Californians to raise taxes on themselves, or else - has reached the inevitable stage of every high profile liberal initiative that falters: state liberals are raising a furor over supposedly anonymous donations by conservative groups, in this case by a non-profit from Arizona. The state is suing the group to find out who is spending all of this money to defeat Brown's tax hike.
A Sacramento Superior Court judge scheduled a court date for Tuesday -- one week before the Nov. 6 election -- to consider whether an Arizona-based nonprofit must provide transaction data related to an $11 million donation made this month. 
The state Fair Political Practices Commission sued little-known nonprofit Americans for Responsible Leadership to obtain information related to the eight-figure check and determine whether the group violated campaign disclosure laws. The group donated $11 million to a business committee that is fighting Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative, Proposition 30, and supporting a measure to restrict union dues collection, Proposition 32. 
After a brief hearing in a packed courtroom today, Judge Barry Loncke asked both sides to submit court filings by Monday ahead of a hearing Tuesday morning, saying the court needed more time to consider whether Americans for Responsible Leadership must provide records.

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Sorry, guys, but shadowy non-profits from Arizona that make multi-million donations to conservative causes are bulwarks of democracy. They are especially needed in places where a one-party political establishment is threatening to cut basic government services, while leaving intact the sinecures and pay-outs to their political allies, if voters don't raise taxes on themselves.

Instead of suing people in court (so you can splash their names in the media for instant vilification), why don't you go out and tell us why it's so freaking important we should raise taxes that are already high enough? Or better yet, raise them in that legislature where you have majorities that will pass whatever you want?

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