Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lost In Transit: Where's Chris Stevens's Body?

Last week I was wondering whether there had been a funeral for Chris Stevens, the late American ambassador to Libya. Stevens is a Bay Area native, whose parents live in Marin County, so any funeral would be local news, but there's been nothing. If you Google "Chris Stevens Funeral" you get very little, except for a memorial service at Dover AFB where Obama and Hillary spoke. But, no funeral services. This story refers to his family traveling to Washington to retrieve the body and plan the funeral, but that was two weeks ago.

Then there's the matter of his autopsy, which we've been told is a big part of the investigation of his death. Have you heard of any autopsy results? I haven't. Googling "Chris Stevens Autopsy" and you get a lot of results mentioning the planned autopsy, but that's it.

Uh, anyone out there think this is a little odd? Our ambassador is murdered, yet there's (apparently) no funeral and no autopsy? Is that for real? I heard Melanie Morgan on the radio the other day say that, not only has there been no autopsy, but also that the State Department will not release Stevens's body to his family! Now, Morgan is an excitable partisan and all, but is that any crazier than the Obama Administration's stubborn adherence to their widely discredited propaganda ploy to excuse away the Benghazi attack by conflating it with the Egyptian embassey riot, which did seem to have been kicked off by the supposedly blasphemous Innocense of Muslims? 

Right now, Stevens is like one of those bit players in a movie. You know, someone who is shot by the bad guy, or vaporized by the alien, or run down by the run away train: you know nothing about him, you never see his family, or see his funeral. They are simply there to keep the story moving. We have a dead ambassador who, after two weeks, has not been autopsied, or buried; two things that could happen in a day. Instead, his bosses are holding on to his body for God knows what reason. Sorry for the lack of my usual asterixes, but that is some fucked up shit.


  1. "this is some fucked up shit."

    Tell it like it is! Go Psota!

    And you are right.

  2. It has been nearly a month since the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Where is the autopsy report? What is the State Department hiding by withholding it? My opinion? I am sure that they want to avoid promulgating more evidence of Muslim barbarism.


  3. The fact that they have not published that he died of smoke inhalation is really suspect! Although we would all like to believe that there is still decency and they did see he was still alive and took him to a hospital...why was he pictured bloody, bruised, and them holding him up and taking pictures of him? Why weren't they speeding him to the hospital? Aside from the statements that he was tortured, raped, and drug through the streets...who makes up shit like that? If it didn't happen? If this admin has an ounce of heart they would WANT the family of Chris Stevens to KNOW immediately that the last hours of his life were not spent like that!!