Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Forgotten Man: The Effort To Bury Christopher Stevens

Althouse asks a question that has bugging me throughout the Obama Administation's contorted attempts to avoid the truth of attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi: why is the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens being so quickly swept from the scene?
What happened to Chris Stevens? I don't trust that we've learned the whole story. Why wasn't he protected? Was he an inconvenient man? We saw such an effort to create static around his death. Look — riots over here, here, and here! Offensive video on the internet! Man with a "towel" around his face! And hey check out the most important thing that happened all week: Romney said "47%" to some people back in May! 
The very fact that we're thinking about Nakoula — and futzing with Romney rhetoric — makes me feel that Chris Stevens got stuffed down the memory hole.

Who wanted that forgetting and why?
I think we all know the answer: the sacking of the embassey and the murder of the US ambassador were a disaster for the US. If W were still president, it would be treated as such, but he's not president, is he? A Democrat president can stuff whomever he likes down the memory hole.

All of this shows how cold our progressive betters are. Somewhere, there must be a picture taken on the day Stevens was appointed ambassador, and surely Obama and/or Hillary must be in that picture, along with Stevens's family. They sent him into harms way, without any sort of security (because they didn't want any of that bad Bush-era big footprint in the Middle East), and now that he's dead, they don't seem to want to have anything to do with him. Has there been a funeral? Did Hillary or, God forbid, Obama go? It's easy to imagine Ronaldus, or Bush 41, or Slick, or W front and to the left at the gravesite, next to Stevens's grieving widow, but it's not so easy to imagine Chillary or the former head of the Choom Gang doing so.

Also, the State Department is in a huff because CNN managed to wander into the Benghazi consulate and pick up Stevens's diary - four days after the attack. You know, the attack that the Obama administration says they're investigating night and day. That investigation does not seem to include visits to the actual consulate. Not surprisingly, CNN reported that Stevens wrote that he was concerned about the security situation. Rather than hide its head in shame, the State Department's response has been to knock CNN for taking evidence from a crime scene. Hey, send some marines in to secure the place if you care so d*mn much.

The murder of an American ambassador should be infuriating to the president, regardless of its cause. But I haven't seen much righteous anger out of DC, beyond Hillary's saying she couldn't believe the people of Benghazi, a city we saved from a medieval sacking, would turn on us so quickly. Frankly, it should be infuriating to the Loyal Opposition, too, but the GOP seems to have been intimidated into silence (yet again) by the media's ganging up on Romney for being the one guy in American politics to express any sort of anger with the events in Libya.

The need to protect Obama and his "legacy" is so great we apparently must sacrifice the memory of Christopher Stevens.

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