Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piece Corps: Armed Man Shot On Berkeley Campus During Student Strike

In the wake of the high-profile eviction of Occupy Oakland, another East Bay Occupy Movement is gathering strength over at UC Berkeley, a school that feels honor-bound to participate in any and all left-wing movements that might arise. Today was the big "general strike" (by 1,000 students! Big Deal!), but about a half-mile away from the protesters, an armed man entered UC's Haas School of Business and was shot by campus police:

A man with a gun was shot and wounded by police today at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, officials said. 
The man was brandishing a handgun in a computer lab when he was shot by one of several campus police officers who converged on the business school near Memorial Stadium at about 2:15 p.m., university officials said. 
The 33-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, "displayed it in a threatening manner," said UC Berkeley Police Chief Mitch Celaya. "The officers, in fear for themselves and individuals around them, fired a shot at the individual, hitting him." 
The suspect is being treated at Highland Hospital in Oakland, Celaya said. His intentions were not immediately known, the chief said. 
At least four students were in the lab at the time of the shooting, said Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. None of them was hurt. 
Officials said there was no immediate evidence that the shooting was related to an Occupy Cal protest on campus, in which protesters are calling on University of California regents with ties to business and finance to do a better job funding the university.

As with the violence that sprang up at the Oakland encampment, I am sure the Occupiers will deny that there was any connection. Hell! (you can here them say) Armed men are shot at the business school everyday! And, it may be that this guy was simply disturbed, confused, or even, Republican. But, I doubt it. The fact is that this latest round of left-wing street theater has attracted an inordinate amount of violence and criminal behavior. The student strike was widely advertised in the Bay Area, and was very much seen as a reaction to the eviction of the Occupy Oakland encampment. Not only that, the rhetoric of the Occupy Movement has been unabashedly confrontational and revolutionary. Maybe this is just an incredible coincidence, but it's still a reminder that the left's methods of street protest will lead to greater and greater levels of violence. 

UPDATE: The gunman has died from his wounds

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