Monday, November 14, 2011

Martyr's Square: Drama Queen Resigns From Oakland Mayor's Staff

The Oakland PD managed to evict the Occupy Oakland encampment without much incident this morning. The Occupiers have apparently returned to the plaza outside City Hall, but now they say they will not camp there, but simply...remain. Clearly, we have not quite reached the end of this. 

In the meantime, let's spare a minute for Dan Siegel, former legal advisor to Oakland's socialist mayor and now an official Martyr For The Cause

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's chief legal adviser, a longtime friend, resigned Monday after what he called a "tragically unnecessary" police raid of the Occupy Oakland camp. 
Dan Siegel was one of two aides to defect from Quan's administration Monday. Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu also quit but said her resignation had nothing to do with the police sweep. 
Siegel, a civil rights attorney and one of Oakland's most active and vocal police critics, said the city should have done more to work with campers before sending in police. 
"The city sent police to evict this camp, arrest people and potentially hurt them," Siegel said. "Obviously, we're not on the same page. It's an amazing show of force to move tents from a public place." 
Siegel strongly opposed any plan by the city to take down the month-old camp in the days leading up the police raid.


I swear, the gap between the Occupiers' media halo of idealist dreamers versus the grubby reality of a disgusting squat is big enough to drive Michael Moore's food truck through. Siegel calls the peaceful removal of these criminals "tragically unnecessary." What was unnecessary was the faux-drama behind the removal. If they were truly peaceful, they would have left when the first eviction notices were passed out. Instead, they went on a rampage, attacking the police and the City's long-suffering small businesses.  I'd say hiring Siegel to work on the public dime was what was tragically unnecessary. 

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