Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sly Stone roused himself from the crackhouse long enough to appear at Coachella with predictable results: Down In The Valley
The 67-year-old finally turned up on stage nearly four hours after his allotted time, which can be attributed either to an exaggerated sense of his current status in the rock world or an aftermath of reported drug abuse in decades past. Wearing a policeman's uniform and what appeared to be a woman's silver wig, he lay down on the stage and mumbled a bit, then struggled at the electric piano through abbreviated and disjointed versions of some of his classics as his band, featuring three original members of the Family Stone, looked on uncomfortably. Finally, he was led away.
Stone(d) wasn't just appearing at a rock festival. He was one of the featured performers on the main stage with a prime early evening timeslot, all of which he pissed away, just as he has been doing since, oh, about 1971. Will we ever be rid of self-destructive Baby Boomer "icons?"

Here is some "real" Sly, if he cares.


UPDATE: OTOH, here's Sly in Tokyo a couple of years ago looking/sounding better. No drugs available in Japan?

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