Sunday, April 25, 2010


Robert Bryce offers five myths about green energy for you to ponder. Bryce is the author of A Gusher Of Lies, and is one of the few available rational voices on American energy policy out there. Bryce's ideal world is one in which "idealistic" Greens admit that their favorite energy sources are no match for the efficiency and power of oil and coal; and where "moderate" Republicans stop subsidizing boondoggles like ethanol. In other words, Bryce is a Cassandra no one listens to. Too bad:

Myth 1: solar and wind power are the greenest tech of all: actually, they would require the use of enormous real estate, and wouldn't come anywhere near to replacing the capacity of gas, oil or nukes.

Myth 2: Going green will reduce our dependence on imports from unsavory regimes: You poor fools. Surely you know that the Chinese control virtually all of the known reserves for the exotic earth elements that power the batteries at the heart of green tech?

Myth 3: A green American economy will create green American jobs. Query - how can something be called a "job" if it has to be subsidized by the government?

Myth 4: Electric cars will substantially reduce demand for oil: The electric car is so futuristic and innovative that it's been around since 1911. Not only that, today's electric car advocates have no better answer for the limited range and performance problems that once frustrated Thomas Edison.

Myth 5: The United States lags behind other rich countries in going green: This is the part of China that Thomas Friedman has not visited yet:

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