Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sotto Voce

Here are some of the things I've been muttering under my breath the last couple of weeks:

1. Why doesn't management ever go out and picket the unions?

2. If Billy Beane is such a genius GM, why is attendance at A's games so low? (and why are most of the fans wearing jerseys for players who were traded away years ago?)

3. With all due respect to Andy McCarthy, listening to the "prosecution vs. defense counsel" arguments over the Al-Qaeda 7 reminds me of some of the most tedious classroom debates I had to sit through in law school.

4. Now that Katherine Bigelow has won "Best Director," can anyone tell me what are the hallmarks of her style?

5. I'm agnostic on the issue of gay adoptions, but I do know this: I would hate to be a kid being raised by two gay men. No offence.

6. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind having "two mommies."

7. If illegal immigrants can't vote, why is it that there are so many California politicians fervently pursuing policies that are popular with illegals, and opposed by actual voters? Doesn't that at least suggest that there is an unspoken assumption out there that many illegals do vote?

8. The most annoying attorneys in California are the ones who make serial threats to file a motion for sanctions against you. Piss off, please.

9. Once again, the Golden State Warriors are finishing a season when most of their effective players were sidelined with injuries, and the healthy ones were worn down by an endless series of "7-man rotation" games. Does the team even have a doctor?

10. Let's just say it moved me...into a bigger house!

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