Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roman Holiday

Doctor Zero gives us the meta-reason why so many of our betters are going out of their way to express support for Roman Polanski: Crimes Against The Party

The Left is primarily interested in prosecuting people guilty of crimes against the State. Not the American government per se - Polanski’s flight from the American justice system doesn’t count, because like all great and fashionable artists, he is a Citizen Of The World. The State stretches beyond the American government - in fact, it was born and nourished overseas, in the writings of European progressives and fascists at the dawn of the twentieth century, and it still draws much of its intellectual nourishment from European sources today.

The State has only one Party, with franchises and local sub-divisions around the world. The Party may have factions that quibble over relatively minor issues of policy, but America is one of the few developed nations where the Party has any serious opposition… and even here, it’s remarkable how deeply the Party’s ideology has penetrated its nominal opponents, and how many of its foundational assumptions and myths they accept. Still, most American Democrats feel greater kinship with European socialists than with the greedy, racist teabaggers staging massive protests outside their windows. The previous Democrat candidate for President, John Kerry, was remarkably honest about this.

The Party makes a very clear distinction between its political masters, the elevated elite class surrounding them, and the little people who provide its electoral muscle. The elite are permitted indulgences that could not be made available to the unwashed masses. No matter how faithfully you might have voted Democrat for your entire life, the Clinton defenses against perjury and adultery would not be accepted from you. Likewise, your odds of successfully fleeing the rape of an underage girl, to become the toast of Paris, are extremely slim. The elite will not join you on the farm, in the socialist agrarian paradise they’ve been designing for the industrialized West. They will still be ferried around in limousines and private jets, long after you’re expected to surrender your automobile. You would serve time in prison, or be bankrupted by enormous fines, for behavior that Obama cabinet officials are allowed to discreetly forget about.

You should read the whole thing

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