Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Connecticut Yankee In King Dodd's Court

Peter Schiff appears to be deadly serious about deposing Chris Dodd, a man who is a symbol of the corruption at the heart of Big Government, and of Bailout Nation. And, Schiff seems to be disregarding the advice of the sort of DC-based campaign pros who have turned elections into carefully choreographed media spectacles. Vox Day approves: Democratic Integrity
There's no point in playing bait-and-switch with the American people. If they genuinely want to be impoverished serfs living in a post-apocalyptic economic landscape, that's their right. Schiff is giving them the option to choose freedom, and that's all one can reasonably hope to do. If you focus on winning uber alles on the grounds that you can't effect change without holding political office, you have already lost regardless of how the election turns out.
I approve, too, but only up to a point. Financiers like Schiff excel at making money, but are often stymied in politics by lesser men like Dodd who are nonetheless expert at gathering votes. Dodd has been running for office, and winning, for decades. And, before that, he spent his formative years watching his father do the same thing. Schiff's candidacy could be a unique moment, but he shouldn't underestimate Dodd's ability to fight hard.

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