Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rx for Rx

California is grappling with skyrocketing health care benefits to state retirees. You may have heard something about this.
State employees who have worked 20 years or longer now receive fully paid
premiums for their health care when they retire, while 90 percent of their
spouses' and dependents' premiums are paid by the state.

Employees working 10 years receive half that benefit, said Clark
McKinley, a spokesman for the California Public Employees' Retirement System.
The state Legislature is not considering changing those benefits

Yeah, God forbid these guys would pay for their spouses and kids' healthcare like a normal person. Or their own, for that matter.

The State Controller's "plan" does not inspire confidence.

Controller John Chiang wants the state to nearly double what it spends on
the benefits - to $2.7 billion a year - and invest that money. Earnings would
pay some of the future health costs and save the state $17 billion in the next
28 years, the report said.

Boy, I hope Chiang knows of some surefire "investments" where we can stick these billions.

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