Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Hustle Is On

This is astounding if true. The Log Cabin Republicans have been credibly accused of being little more than a front group for Democratic activists

The amount of money that the Gill Action Fund has contributed to the Log
Cabin Republicans — about one-third of its total budget in some years — is
raising questions about Democratic influence over the GOP organization and its
search for a new president.

Tim Gill, founder and chair of Gill Action, is widely known for funding the campaigns of pro-gay politicians, many of them Democrats. He’s a wealthy entrepreneur and founder of Quark who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to various Democratic causes and candidates, including to the campaigns of Sens. John Kerry, John Edwards and Chris Dodd, as well as New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Gill is viewed as publicity shy, but made a rare public appearance at last year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver where he lives.

Sources familiar with Log Cabin, who spoke to the Blade on the
condition of anonymity, said Gill Action’s contributions last year comprised
$250,000 of Log Cabin’s $750,000 budget. The sources said in 2007, Gill Action’s
donations constituted a similar percentage of Log Cabin’s budget.

I don't think "dirty tricks" quite does it. This is the tale of an organization with staffers, offices, a sophisticated media operation, and a wealthy donor. They also seemed to have instant media access whenever they made their frequent attacks on GOP candidates like Mitt Romney. (They also took their name from the defamatory rumor that Abraham LIncoln was gay, which perhaps should have been an indication that these guys were not entirely trustworthy). This is really a political fraud enabled by the media.

It's a free country, and "Gill" can do whatever he wants with his $$. But, it seems odd that a Democratic activist would innocently donate his $$ to an ostensibly Republican group. This warrants more attention.

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