Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Guitars: Ljuba Slavkovic & Marko Jelisavcic

Are you ready to explore the outer limits of...Serbian hardcore punk??? Well, get started with Belgrade's Let's Grow, a punk/thrash 5-piece that managed to keep it together for most of the aughts. Not a joke and not pointless obscurantism; this is a genuinely great band - noisy, chaotic and controlled. If they'd been from Germany or Sweden, they'd have been much better known, but instead they came from a war-torn country* that lay outside the EU. (although they did manage some tours of the Continent and at least one US release). Really worth the time to seek out.

*don't worry about any potential lyrical landmines. As far as I can tell, singer Dario mostly sings about modern ennui. You're not going to find songs with titles like "Put The Croat In The Concentration Camp."

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