Monday, September 16, 2013

Great Guitars: Mick Jones

The Clash's lead guitarist would be an immortal based solely on that band's '77/'78 output when his power chords and punchy leads helped lay down the basic punk guitar template that everyone has followed since then, whether they like it or not. But, Jones was more than just a "3 chords and a dream" kind of player. London Calling and Sandinista are absolutely filled with inventive playing with Jones skipping effortlessly from punk to reggae (The Clash were easily the world's greatest white reggae band, and that wasn't even their goal) to ska to rockabilly to funk to rap and beyond. Even after The Clash broke down ignominiously*, he kept going for another decade with the underrated Big Audio Dynamite. Really a monster player, and if folks don't know that it's because he put out so much music in such a short time, that no one's really been able to catch up.

*it's never a wise career move for your band to break up right after your biggest hit when everyone is calling you The Only Band That Matters.

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