Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Brief, Grand Sweeping Pronouncements on the George Zimmerman Trial

Both sides have rested their cases, and the judge is getting ready to send the George Zimmerman murder case to the jury, which is the perfect time to make grand sweeping pronouncements without the burden of a jury verdict:

1. Seventeen years old, or not, Trayvon Martin was an idiot to launch into his "I'm a bad ass street thug" routine when he did. It's nighttime. It's raining. OK, there's someone following you. You know what us creepy-ass crackers do in similar situations? We get the hell home with our skittles and Snapple. For all the talk of Trayvon being the son the president never had, Trayvon is actually much more of a universal figure than his defenders realize: a bored suburban teen bouncing between his divorced parents, spending his days texting, smoking pot, playing video games, and dressing like his favorite musicians. I just described 25% of the kids from my lily-white high school. If any of them had turned and started beating up Zimmerman, they would have ended up shot just the same.

2. Sorry, George, I know you didn't hunt down and kill Trayvon Martin like so many civil rights hustlers tried to claim, but you still killed someone. Ever heard of a warning shot? Or, staying in your car? Even if you're acquitted on all charges, I would be the first one to tell Trayvon's parents to sue your a**, and I think they would win something. Treyvon, needless to say, contributed greatly to his demise, but you will, I think, find yourself with a wrongful death judgment against you in civil court.

3. Of all the racial issues raised in this case, the effort to deny and define Zimmerman's Hispanic heritage was bizarre. There was the previously unheard formulation "white Hispanic." What's next? Are we going to call Barack Obama a mulatto? Are we going to bring back the black Irish? Then, there were the media outlets that dubbed Zimmerman a "self-identified" Hispanic, as if he were a wanna-be. Have you seen his mom?! She seems pretty damn Hispanic! I don't even understand how anyone, including Treyvon could have thought of Zimmerman as being white. Sorry, he looks like someone from a Latin American background. Just bizarre.

4. All of this is happening when the American murder rate is driven by black-on-black (or black-on-someone-else) crime. If our community organizer president wants to do some good, he might want to look into this, but don't count on it. As others have said, the murderousness of blacks against other blacks and some whites is one of the great taboos of the our era.

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