Monday, July 22, 2013

At A Certain Point, You've Earned Enough Social Justice

It's been a week since the Zimmerman verdict and the media and the political left are still trying to stoke some sort of explosive outrage in the "community." They are sort of succeeding as there have been reports out of Oakland and Hollywood (?!) of yout's attacking people and property "for Trayvon." I'm sure Trayvon's looking down and saying "Thanks to my niggas for keeping it real."

Al Sharpton's 100-city protests were pathetic, philosophically and practically. They were hardly expressive of some wide-ranging, righteous anger. Mostly it looks like ghetto kids are looking for trouble, and now have the imprimatur of the president and the "reverend" Sharpton in their never-ending quest to show off. You say you are "just like Trayvon?" That may be. Trayvon looks like he was more of a wanna-be than an actual thug4life, but he was an idiot to turn around and attack the guy he (correctly) thought was following him. Looking at pictures of the Trayvon rallies, it looks like there are a lot of idiots in the "he could have been me" in the crowd. Well, yeah, if you're wandering around like an a**hole looking for fights, copping an attitude, and committing petty theft, you are likely to come to a bad end.

I'm sure the civil rights crowd and leaders in the "community" think all of this rabble rousing will end up being a net positive, but why would that be? Newt Gingrich is already taking fire for his comment that gang membership has increased 40% since Obama became president. This follows, of course, his earlier comments that Obama was the "food stamp president." Now, you can get mad because it upsets you to hear an old white guy from Georgia talk about gangs and food stamps, but is anyone wondering if he's (gasp) right? He was right about the food stamps, after all. If gang membership is, indeed, increasing shouldn't that be a greater concern to the "community" than the death of a guy who was, at least, a wanna-be who dressed and acted the part?

50 years ago, the "community" could riot in Detroit, and the government would convene commissions and throw money at the "community" until the rioting stopped. 20 years ago, the "community" could riot in LA and everyone would pull a long face about police brutality, rather than wonder about the out-of-control criminals and drug addicts that the police were battling in the streets. Every day for the 50 years since LBJ signed the various Great Society programs into law, checks have gone to millions of members of the "community" without fail. The only change to that system has been the well-deserved imposition of a work requirement which has since been gutted by executive fiat. The "community" has not lacked for social justice or help or resources.

Someone once said, "at some point, you've made enough money." In the case of the members of the "community" rioting self-righteously over Trayvon Martin, I would say at some point you've had all the special privileges American society can shower on you.

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