Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Guitars: Dave Davies

Brother Ray gets most of the credit as the creative force behind The Kinks, but Dave's guitar really defined their sound when they were at their best. Dave played all of those riffs that Ray wrote, after all. More important (and impressive) Dave literally invented the distorted guitar sound that defines hard rock/heavy metal to this day. His tasteful solos - he plays two great ones in the video above - were also heavily influential, even if you never hear him mentioned out loud as an influence. Uh, how many Kinks songs did Van Halen cover?

And check out the crowd. The Kinks were selling out arenas in 1979! The folks in Providence loved The Kinks! And the band is so young! They were a British Invasion band on their second or third comeback and yet they are all in their mid-30's! If you're making a list of underrated rock bands, The Kinks have to be close to the top.

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