Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Hope: Getting Ready For The 2014 Senate Race

If you want to distract yourself from your post-Romney gloom, here are the potentially vulnerable Senate seats that are coming up for re-election in 2014. These are the people who last ran in 2008, winning seats in the year of Hope & Change. Each and every one of them voted for Obamacare, which will be fully implemented as of 2014. Absent an Akin-esque GOP challenger, these seats should be eminently attainable (I'm not bothering to include entrenched Blue State Dems like Carl Levin and Dick Durbin):


Mark Begich (ALASKA): Begich (barely) unseated Ted Stevens's following Ted's conviction for corruption, a conviction that was later overturned due to ... corruption by the prosecution. This guy never would have won, and Obamacare never passed, without the political prosecution of his rival. This really should be a GOP seat.

Mark Pryor (ARKANSAS): another liberal representing a Red State. Should go the way of Blanche Lincoln

Mark Udall (COLORADO) a one-termer swept into office by Obama's coattails.

Chris Coons (DELEWARE) remember Coons? He was the "bearded Marxist" who defeated Christine O'Donnell for his seat. Supposedly, a more "moderate" Republican would have won. Let's see if that's true.

Mary Landrieu (LOUISIANA) a scion of the corrupt Democrat establishment that led their state to Biblical ruin. Her Obamacare vote was literally bought in a backroom deal. Her elections have tended to be resolved by the classic "late returns from Orleans Parish."

Al Franken (MINNESOTA): a one-termer who won thanks to the classic "keep doing the re-count until the Democrat wins."

Jean Shaheen (NEW HAMPSHIRE): a one-termer with a near-empty war chest.

Frank Lautenberg (NEW JERSEY): come on, he's going to be 90 years old in 2014

Tom Udall (NEW MEXICO): anyone know of any Hispanic women politicians who might want this seat?

Kay Hagen (NORTH CAROLINA): a "talk right at home, vote left in DC" liberal representing a purple state. Defeated the dispirited Elizabeth Dole in the fluke 2008 election. Should go the way of Beverly Purdue.

Jeff Merkley (OREGON): early polling shows him losing to Congressman Greg Walden.

Tim Johnson (SOUTH DAKOTA): a liberal representing a red state who has had serious health issues, including a near-debiltating stroke.

Mark Warner (VIRGINIA): a one-termer from a purple state whose potential rivals include heavy-weights Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell.

Jay Rockefeller (WEST VIRGINIA): a state that has been getting redder, represented by a querelous liberal who has been actively undercutting the state's coal industry. I am going to make the bold prediction that this could be the potential upset election of 2014.


And then there's (cue ominous music) Republican Senators deserving of a primary challenge:

Pat Roberts (KANSAS): could be 2014's Richard Lugar - a Farm State "moderate" representing an increasingly red state whose main pre-occupations are service on the Foreign Affairs Committee and standing behind Chuck Schumer during press comferences announcing the latest bi-partisan compromise.
Susan Collins (MAINE): the last Senate Republican remaining in office who voted for the 2009 Stimulus.

Lindsay Graham (SOUTH CAROLINA): has been undercutting conservatives and Republicans at the worst possible times. This seat really should be placed in steadier hands

Lamar Alexander (TENNESSEE): Is Lamar! really the most conservative person who could win this seat?

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