Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's Romney-Ryan carrying the Republican banner for 2012. Conservative grassroots types had been pushing Ryan, so no one can really complain that we got RINO-ed to death.  Prof. Jacobson raises the obvious problem with the Ryan pick:
The Romney Veep App made the announcement earlier this morning, and every news source is reporting it. The decision was made on August 1. 
The left already is going crazy, but that would have happened regardless of who the Veep nominee was; only the details of the outrage would have differed.   
This was a bold choice, far more bold than I expected. My first reaction when I heard the news was one of deep ambivalence, drawn naturally from knowing how the Obama campaign and media would distort Ryan and his budget proposals.
That's true, but hardly unexpected. Dems only know one way to deal with anyone who dares to suggest progressive governance may be insolvent. Just look what they did to Ross Perot. Man got so crazy he thought Republicans would disrupt his daughter's wedding, as if we gave two sh*ts. I do hope that Romney-Ryan (Rom-yan? Or, better yet, R-yan?) aren't planning to leave any scrap of lefty hysteria unanswered for more more than a second because the media is poised to write the first draft of history wherein it is noted that Paul Ryan was too anti-Grandma to be VP.

btw, I did not sign up for the Romney VP App. No, I get my news the old fashioned way: via my Facebook feed, which was going nuts when I woke up this morning, followed by a confirmatory glance at Drudge and Instapundit.

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