Friday, August 31, 2012

Makin' My Day: Clint At the RNC

Who would have guessed that the buzz speech out of the GOP convention would be a 10-minute bit of "talking-to-a-chair" improv capped by a steely, "If someone can't do the job, ya gotta let 'im go?"

I know the Democrat-media complex has ruled that Clint was too rambling and "weird" to be appealing. All I know is that the Free Will Wife thought Clint's presentation was funny, touching and spoke simple, fundamental truths. She's not a political junkie. She can't even vote. But, she knows what works. I suspect Clint worked for a lot of people out there.

UPDATE: woke up this morning, and all I could think of was "If someone can't do the job, you gotta let 'im go." Also, I wanted to watch Clint again. Sounds like a successful speech to me!

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