Thursday, May 10, 2012

MS-13 3000: Edwin Ramos Judged Guilty of Murder

It's the end of the line for MS-13 member, and illegal alien, Edwin Ramos, as a SF jury found him guilty of murdering a man and two of his three teen-aged sons:

A man with a long gang history was convicted Wednesday of the mistaken-identity murders of a San Francisco father and his two sons, the culmination of one of the most notorious crimes in the city in recent years. 
Edwin Ramos, 25, at first was still as the San Francisco Superior Court jury returned guilty verdicts on three first-degree murder counts in the killings of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. Soon, however, he began to cry.

Ramos was the beneficiary of one of the dumbest "only in San Francisco" initiatives ever: the practice of intentionally refusing to notify the Feds whenever a juvenile illegal alien was arrested. Here's how Ramos used his multiple second chances:

Ramos was not in the United States legally at the time he was identified as one of three alleged MS-13 members who beat up a man on a Muni bus in the Mission District in 2003. Prosecutors told the jury that Ramos and his colleagues had been "checking" passengers to determine what gang they were affiliated with. 
Instead of referring him to federal authorities for possible deportation, San Francisco juvenile authorities placed Ramos in a shelter and later released him to his mother in April 2004. 
Four days after his release, he assaulted a pregnant woman and her brother, and was sentenced to the city's Log Cabin Ranch for felony attempted robbery. He was released in February 2005, again without city juvenile authorities reporting him to federal immigration officials. 
The Juvenile Probation Department had ordered employees not to report minors to immigration officials under the agency's interpretation of San Francisco's sanctuary policy, which barred city officials from cooperating with deportations.

The widow Bologna tried and failed to sue the City, so this guilty verdict will have to do. Reading her reaction only hints at the shattered lives in the wake, not only of Ramos's violence, but also of the destruction that results from the dangerous policy preferences of liberals

Tony Bologna's widow, Danielle, who was in court for most of the trial, wept throughout the session and sobbed hardest when the court clerk read the names of her husband and sons. 
"Yes, yes, God," she cried as she heard the verdicts. 
Her son, Andrew Bologna, now 21, was the only survivor of the shootings in the Excelsior neighborhood on a bright Sunday afternoon, June 22, 2008. Tony Bologna was driving his sons home from a family gathering in Fairfield when, prosecutors said, Ramos mistook at least one of the young men for a Mission District gang rival and fired from another car. 
"He didn't get me," Andrew Bologna whispered to his mother in consolation Wednesday. 
Several members of the Bologna family, including Danielle and Andrew, wore white T-shirts with "Finally justice is served" on the front and the victims' names on the back. 
Outside court, Tony Bologna's mother, Lena Bologna, cried as she said, "All I kiss at night are the pictures of my son and my two grandsons."

"He didn't get me." There's a lot of pain and absence in those words. Oh, and the surviving members of the Bologna family are now in the witness protection program. The City did a lot more for Ramos than they ever did for innocents like the Bolognas.

I wish I could say the architects of this fiasco are out of office, but instead former DA Kamala Harris is now the State Attorney General, while Mayor Newsome is Lieutenant Governor. They were running against the sort of Republicans who don't like "negative" campaigning, so the Ramos scandal never came up. Great job. 

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