Saturday, April 28, 2012

Riposte: How To Respond To The "Obama Got Osam" Talking Point

"Obama Got Osama, But Lost The Middle East"

Obama got Osama.  Fair enough. 
But the killing of one person has been against the backdrop of a complete disaster for the United States throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. 
North Africa is or is on the way to domination by radical Islamists. We pushed Mubarak out without any transition, and the Muslim Brotherhood and even more extreme Islamists are nearing control. The same is true in Libya and Tunisia. 
In Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent, waiting out Obama’s timeline for withdrawal.  
In Iraq, the Iranians have extended their influence and the nation again is dividing along sectarian lines, with the unifying factor (except among the Kurds) being hostility to the U.S. 
In Syria, where for once we could have dealt a crushing blow to Iranian influence, we have helped Bashar Assad hang onto power to the extent that both sides hate us. 
Our one true ally in the region, Israel, is in its most precarious position in decades, surrounded by massive Iranian-backed missile bases in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. 
There is almost nowhere in the Middle East that the United State is better off than it was four years ago.

That's courtesy of Prof. Jacobson who is not a fancy-pants consultant, but rather works for peanuts as a blogger. Say what you will about us amateurs, at least we know how to fight.

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