Friday, March 2, 2012

Hunter & Hunted: CA Dems Seek To Remove Fish & Game Comm'n President

One of the few Republicans in a CA political office is Fish & Game president Dan Richards (no, I'd never heard of him before this week, either). CA lawmakers are now seeking to remove him from office for, get this, shooting a cougar in Idaho. (illegal in CA, but perfectly legal everywhere else) Calls for his resignation started from Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome (insert "he only knows one type of cougar" joke here), but have gotten more serious as Assembly Dems are drafting legislation to remove Richards from office. Dan Waters gets to the nub of the matter

So Richards appears to be guilty only of offending the sensibilities of the Legislature, whatever they may be. 
This is the same Legislature that offends the sensibilities of most Californians, according to a recent Field Poll, because lawmakers habitually ignore important issues, carry bills of self-serving trivia, help special interests, and manipulate their schedules to maximize their incomes. 
This is the same Legislature that didn't react when one of its members was caught by police with a prostitute in his car, parked alongside a busy Los Angeles highway, or when another crashed her state-issued car while driving recklessly, injuring two people. 
More recently, this is the same Legislature that didn't respond when a member was nailed for shoplifting, or when another carried a loaded pistol into an airport security checkpoint. 
As for Newsom, a politician who had an affair with his top campaign aide's wife shouldn't moralize.

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Waters might have mentioned San Francisco sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, presently on trial on a DV charge; and Alameda Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, presently embroiled in a crazy sex & drugs scandal. Also I will point out that most of the above worthies represent districts in the Bay Area, which kind of belies any progressive claims about their supposed sophistication. I mean, how dumb would you have to be to vote for Nadia Lockyer?

This is nothing more than a Democrat-MSM (but I repeat myself) "furor" that is good for just one thing: generating headlines and holding a political rival up for ridicule. Richards is standing his ground, and more power to him. 

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