Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Asking the Dumb Questions: SF Chronicle Wonders "Where's Nadia Lockyer?"

The SF Chronicle has tread a discrete and circumspect line on the Nadia Lockyer sex and drugs scandal. While reporting the details of a leading Bay Area politico descent into drug addiction and degrading affairs, the Chron has also gone out of its way to leave out details such as the identity of the guy who allegedly beat her up at a Newark motel. The Chron continues the act with a story titled (at least on-line) "Where's Nadia Lockyer?" Uh, I think she's in rehab:

Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, whose election cost her and her supporters a record-shattering $1.6 million, has missed 43 percent of the board's regular meetings since she took office in January 2011, according to records. 
But despite her absences, officials say county business is on track 
"We haven't missed a beat," said Supervisor Nate Miley. 
Her absences, however, could hinder the business of the five-member board because budgetary items require four votes for passage, and a fifth vote is necessary for breaking ties. 
Lockyer entered a rehabilitation center for chemical dependency in mid-February and last attended a regular supervisors meeting Nov. 1, according to the county clerk. 
Since then, she has missed seven meetings, including one Tuesday that included a significant issue in her district: a $2 million vote to bail out St. Rose Hospital in Hayward.

Honestly, the truth isn't that hard to figure out. She's in rehab, which is why she is presently not attending meetings, or much of anything else. As for why she missed meetings pre-rehab, well, it's now clear she was struggling with a serious drug problem, as well as carrying on a sleazy affair with a meth addict. That will tend to crowd out other agenda items on the schedule. 

The Chron, and Lockyer's staff, rhapsodize over how they are keeping abreast of things, and that she's staying informed, and that no one's missed a beat. That's nice. But, at least for the sake of her mental health, Lockyer should not be focusing on a job she is clearly unsuited to do. She should do the honorable thing and resign, so that someone will be able to look after her constituents interests, rather then those of her demons. 

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