Monday, February 6, 2012

Pigs Fly: Oakland Liberals Protest OWS/Support The Police

How obnoxious have the Occupy Oakland protesters gotten? So obnoxious that they have drawn liberal counter-protesters supporting the police (!) and denouncing the Occupiers as criminals (!!) 

A tense face-off between Occupy Oakland activists and members of a new group formed to protest their tactics erupted this afternoon in front of Oakland City Hall, with both sides accusing each other of missing the point of the Occupy movement. 
About 40 people calling themselves members of Stand for Oakland gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza around noon to denounce what they said was violence and vandalism by Occupy Oakland protesters in recent weeks 
They said they sympathized with Occupy Oakland's focus on economic disparity but said destruction during clashes with police was giving the overall Occupy movement a bad name. They cited in particular activists' trashing of parts of City Hall after their failed attempt Jan. 28 to take over the long-empty Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

The linked article captures the tragic divergence of views between dumb liberals and crazy liberals. 

One young Occupier, who like many declined to give his name, argued with members of the new group that Occupy would have been eliminating blight by taking over an empty convention center. 
"You are blight, don't you see it?" retorted Aaron Merritt, a 39-year-old graphic designer. 
The young Occupier shot back: "You're in the matrix. You've been indoctrinated."

Frankly, none of this would be necessary except liberals, from the president on down, were happy to see disruptive street protesters so long as those protests were attacking "Wall Street" (AKA Tea Partiers, Republicans, people with jobs). Oakland bent over backwards to accommodate the Occupiers, and what they got were endless riots and criminality, including the murder of one Occupier in broad daylight across the street from City Hall. 

We conservatives may be stoopid, but we had the Occupiers' numbers a long time ago. 

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