Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get Back: Occupy SF Protesters Return

Occupy SF returned on Saturday afternoon, "occupying" the roof of a Wells Fargo in the Mission District. Since real San Franciscans were inside watching the game, we can assume these are outside agitators. 

Police arrested at least four people who had climbed up on the roof of a Well Fargo bank in the Mission District today as part of a protest to end to home foreclosures. 
The arrests came after the protesters, part of Occupy SF Housing, demanded that the manager of the bank at Mission and 16th streets fax a letter to Wells Fargo's chief executive officer, John Stumpf, calling for a moratorium on home evictions and foreclosures. 
"This protest today was about Wells Fargo's role in evicting and foreclosing on our neighbors in the Mission and other neighborhoods in San Francisco," said a man who identified himself as "Stardust," an organizer with Occupy San Francisco and Occupy SF Housing, who witnessed but was not arrested during today's demonstration. "We're demanding an immediate moratorium on for-profit evictions and foreclosures." 
Occupy SF Housing, a coalition that includes Occupy SF, San Francisco Tenants Union, Housing Rights Committee of SF and other groups, organized the noontime protest. As many as 200 protesters had gathered in the streets, according to observers.

Very cute, but I'll ask for the one millionth time: what are these guys doing that is so remarkable that they are deserving of the arms-length treatment they are receiving from Wells Fargo and the cops? The linked article doesn't mention this, but radio reports indicated that the cops were pretty much spectating the whole time, watching the protesters prancing around, and "waiting" for Wells Fargo to ask them to make some arrests. Lame. 

This was apparently a dry run for a planned "shut down" of SF's Financial District this Friday. Looks like the good guys are already planning to surrender to the mob. 

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