Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy Too Much

The most annoying thing about the Occupy (This Space) Movement isn't just the squatting, the squalor, and  the endless whining. It's how the "99%" formulation has entered political lexicon even as the Occupiers themselves have been driven from the public square. Check out this opening graf from a story about a couple Good Samaritans who stopped a shoplifter at Nordstrom: 

In this Occupy Wall Street era, it was a crime against the 1 percent: Two people grabbed a handful of purses worth more than $10,00o Saturday night in the Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek and sprinted for the exit.
But they wouldn't get far. A pair of holiday shoppers braved blasts of pepper spray from one of the alleged thieves before subduing him until police arrived

That's just ridiculous. First of all, there's absolutely no evidence that the shoplifters were "liberating" the purses, or making some grand - if futile - political statement. Second, Nordstrom, while a very nice department store, is hardly a symbol of the 1%. (and Walnut Creek is hardly an enclave of the uber-rich)

The Occupiers were discredited weeks ago, but their bogus "99 vs. 1" view of the world looks to live on long after the last  tent city has been torn down. 

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