Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Second Look At Foghat?

From the same guy who brought you a serious, critical reappraisal of Molly Hatchet comes a respectful treatment of Foghat, the ultimate Seventies Brit Boogie band. Previously, I had tolerated "Slow Ride" when it came on the radio. Now? I'll be listening for the interplay of Rod Price and Dave Peverett's guitars: 
Truth be told, there are few song openings from any point in history that can rival that of "Slow Ride," as the stomp which quickly gives way to the guitar riff is one of the few that never "gets old."  The way that the guitars from Rod Price and Dave Peverett ring across the track instantly grabs the listener, and the slightly dirty distortion perfectly fits the overall mood of the song.  It is within this element of the song where one can hear traces of heavy metal, as the band certainly brings a similar amount of volume.  However, it is the almost "Southern" feel to the riff that sets it far apart from any other recording, and one cannot help but get caught up in the fantastic mood that the guitars create.  Yet it is also the brilliant work of the rhythm section that has enabled "Slow Ride" to stand out even as the decades have passed.  The bassline from Nick Jameson brings a groove and funk that has rarely been matched, and one can hear traces of this sound in a number of bands and styles that followed.  There are moments where "Slow Ride" has an almost "go-go" style of swing, and this is a rare occurrence anywhere within the hard rock world.  This distinctive tone is perfectly matched by the sound of drummer Roger Earl, and it is the fact that his playing is so far forward in the mix that makes "Slow Ride" a song that once heard, can never be forgotten.
Actually, "Stone Blue" is a great song, although YouTube doesn't have the version with the extended slide solo. 

In the future, everyone will be rediscovered for 15 minutes. 

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