Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Mom & Dad, I'm In Jail...

...Egyptian Jail:

Egyptian officials say a court has ordered the release of three American students arrested this week during the unrest in Cairo. 
An Egyptian official said Thursday the three who attend the American University in Cairo were arrested on the roof of a university building near Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square where they were allegedly throwing firebombs at security forces fighting with protesters. 
The three, arrested Sunday, are Derrik Sweeney, a 19-year-old Georgetown University student, Luke Gates, a 21-year-old Indiana University student, and Gregory Porter, a 19-year-old Drexel University student

I'll be honest, when I heard that three American students had been arrested in Cairo for participating in the recent round of violent protests, I assumed they were "students" in the Mohammed Atta sense, i.e. local guys in their early thirties with some tangential tie to the United States; but, no, these three mopes really are white bread American idiot college kids. Not sure which side they were supporting with their antics: the grim-faced military dictatorship, or the nascent Islamofascists. Either way, it's clear they are not learning anything during their year abroad. 

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