Monday, October 17, 2011

No Class War: Occupy SF Fails to Occupy SF

Looks like Occupy San Francisco is still trying and trying and trying to gin up an actual occupation of San Francisco. At first they tried to set up camp outside the SF Federal Reserve, but got rousted. Next they tried setting up an "encampment" in Justin Herman Plaza, which is at the cross-roads of The City's tourist and business districts (and which you may remember from the concert next to the highway in Rattle & Hum), but The Man said no, leading to another near melee  

Five people were arrested Sunday night when San Francisco police raided the Occupy SF encampment on Justin Herman Plaza, police said.
Police in riot gear marched onto the plaza around 10:30 p.m. and began taking down activists' tents and other camping gear and loading them into city trucks. City law says people cannot camp on the plaza, police said.
"They were told throughout the day to remove the tents pertaining to the violation," police said in a statement.
Protesters surrounded the city trucks and refused to move, police said. One protester slashed a truck tire. Four were arrested on suspicion of being pedestrians in a roadway and resisting arrest. Another was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer.

This is really pathetic, and not an occupation at all. You can move freely throughout the City and engage in all sorts of fascist exploitation of the working class without having to trip over the few dozen professional protesters who say they are occupying us. The ones in Wall Street are even more useless. Have the markets missed a second of trading as a result of their occupation of Zucotti Park? Of course not. 

I keep hearing that polling majorities "support" the Occupiers. That's hard to believe as hardly anyone in the United States has had to encounter our occupiers. 

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