Thursday, October 20, 2011

Demonic: Ann Coulter Deconstructs The New Mob

Ann Coulter has really taken the lead in mocking the "Occupy This Space" movement. Shouldn't be too hard to do, it's just no one seems to want to do it. Indeed, the usual quailing GOP moderates are already talking about how to address income inequality, as if the most important thing our politics must address are the addled demands of the Ungrateful Unwashed:
Last week, the great minds of the OWS movement, bored with playing bocce ball and getting stoned, decided to protest at the homes of Wall Street's robber barons. They then proceeded to walk right past George Soros' apartment building in order to protest at the homes of Rupert Murdoch and David Koch. 
You may not like Koch and Murdoch's products -- fertilizer and media -- but neither one has anything to do with Wall Street. Unlike money manipulators such as John Corzine(Democrat), Robert Rubin (Democrat) and George Soros (Democrat and Obama's biggest supporter), Koch and Murdoch make money from corporations that actually produce something. 
They take risks, make things and get menaced by the government. Wall Street schemers take no risks, produce nothing and get bailed out by the government. 
Even assuming, for purposes of argument, that Koch and Murdoch are as evil as these morons seems to think, the protesters call their demonstration "Occupy Wall Street," not "Occupy Businesses Whose Products We Disapprove Of." 
This would be like protesting the Holocaust by walking past Adolf Hitler's house and protesting at O.J. Simpson's house. 
The Flea Partiers try to win good will by pretending to protest "Wall Street" -- but they ignore Wall Street's villains. They claim to speak for 99 percent of Americans, but their sponsor, George Soros, would be delighted if America collapsed and the 99 percent were impoverished. All he cares about is his own power and pocketbook.
Give Coulter credit for anticipating the progressive zeitgeist. She spent a year researching and writing a book about how the left gins up mobs to sow chaos and grasp power, and within weeks of that book's release we have seen - mobs ginned up by the left to sow chaos and retain their grasp on power. 

BTW, I've seen a lot of unctuous right-wing commentary wondering why Obama and other leading Democrats are embracing the protests without at least denouncing the tone and squalor of the various encampments that have sprung up (with the acquiesence of progressive pols, of course). Why the hell would we want Democrats to denounce these guys?! Occupy might have a glowing media halo, but they will not be able to hide the truth that idealistic movements have a scummy underbelly. The protest sites have already become fetid pits. They are attracting thieves. There are slimy sex crimes happening, and being an idealistic 20 year old psych major is no help. 

This is the left, and the world they would make for us, and the average American knows this, no matter how many polls might say they "support" the protesters. 


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