Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Totally Recall

There's been a lot of talk about Wisconsin state politics this year, maybe a little too much talk, most of it coming from the left-hand side, which has refused to accept the results of the Republican sweep of November 2010. The latest were six attempted recalls of "vulnerable" Republican state senators. After spending tens of millions of union goon money in a state known for its progressive politics, the result was another victory for the resurgent GOP

Wisconsin Republicans narrowly maintained control of the state Senate Tuesday, according to unofficial results, winning four of six recall elections in Republican-held districts.

Tuesday's results are also a victory for Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who maintains Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature—although by the narrowest of margins in the Senate, where Republicans will have a 17-16 advantage. Democrats needed to gain three seats to flip control of the Senate but fell one short.

You hear a lot of talk about RINO's and sell-outs among the GOP, but you have to credit Wisconsin's Republican legislators for real bravery. They've been subjected to all sorts of abuse, both political and personal, and have largely held firm. And credit Wisconsin's voters too. Democrats are masters at winning goofy low turn-out elections, but people turned out in droves yesterday and delivered another blow to a left that thinks it should still have the power it lost fair and square.

btw, one of the two Republicans who was recalled last night was apparently in a "safe" GOP seat, but had taken up with a 25 year old mistress at some point. Given the stakes, I'd say it was a mistake not to deal with this, either by demanding his resignation, or a long walk off a short pier or something.

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