Thursday, August 25, 2011

Once More Mitt Feeling

This video of Mitt Romney has been making the rounds today. He offers an impassioned enough response to a lefty plant's question about budget cutting to earn the "Chris Christie" Award for today.

Gotta say, that was pretty impressive. Romney has mostly been a haircut and a smile offering careful responses during this primary season, but here he really earns some valuable "I will fight for you" cred. And, although he gets heated, he never lets the obnoxious questioner get his goat. Look at how he smiles throughout. Good to see that.

Special mention should go to the woman trying to jerk Romney's chain. She's almost a parody of the smug progressive "speaking truth to power." Listen to how she tries to conflate balancing a budget with cutting government entirely. (Oh, Nos!) Listen to her casually denigrate Romney's audience, whom she accuses of wanting to hear platitudes. And most of all, notice how she just won't shut up. She'll be bragging about this for years.

If the Obama Team really is going to "destroy" Romney, at least we now know he'll go down fighting.

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