Sunday, May 29, 2011

Motorcycle Mama: Sarah Palin Rides With Rolling Thunder

While Democrat "rising star" (hello!) Anthony Weiner spent the day trying to explain how a picture of an erect penis ended up traveling from his Twitter account to that of a busty Seattle co-ed's, (Anthony's Weiner will now be joining El Topo and my dog getting hit by a truck on the list of things I can't unsee), Sarah Palin was riding on the back of a Harley in DC as part of the Rolling Thunder event on the Mall.

Is Palin running for President? I don't know. She's certainly not a "serious" person in the Mitt Romney/Mitch Daniels sense. Nor is she the "adult in the room," which is how we are told to appreciate the President. But, she is certainly something. I take it as a point of pride that she is on "our" side. Democrats can have their Anthony Weiners and like 'em.

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