Thursday, April 7, 2011

Self-Immolating: Obama's Solution for Rising Gas Prices? Buy A New Car!

For all of Obama's skills as an orator, it's amazing how often is mouth gets him into trouble when he is away from the teleprompter. That is because Obama is, to be blunt, a jerk. There was his suggestion at a health care forum that a 99 year old woman "take a pain pill" rather than receive a new pacemaker. There was his detached response to the woman at a town hall who described her economic troubles and how they made it difficult to defend him ("we've passed some programs"). And there was "the Cambridge police acted stupidly."

Well, Obama was in Pennsylvania yesterday, and someone in the audience rose to complain about rising gas prices and how hard it's been to fill up the tank of his SUV. Obama's suggestion: "you might want to think about a trade in." Here is the amazing video:

It's so simple! Gas prices go up, then buy a new car! (Obama even suggests that GM, Ford, and Chrysler can "get you a deal"). That's so economical! Never mind if you might need a large vehicle because you're a contractor, or have more than three kids. Obama's questioner, it so happens, has 10 kids, something Obama reacts to with the same incredulity as he does to the idea of anyone buying an SUV.

We all know that Obama and his Green supporters are perfectly fine with high gas prices, regardless of how burdensome they might be. For them, the only problem is whether $4 gas will lead to a mass "trade-in" of the Obama Administration come 2012. But, Obama can't say that. So instead, he insults this guy, his choice of vehicle, and by extension every American who owns a large truck, van or SUV, whether by necessity or choice.

Urban liberals may find it hard to believe, but people don't buy Chevy Suburbans because they want to destroy the environment or compensate for their shortcomings. They buy them because they need them, either due to work demands, family size, or lifestyle choice (heading out into the Great Outdoors is much more fun in an SUV than in a Prius). People clearly need these vehicles, yet the President of the United States just as clearly doesn't want Americans to have them in their driveways. And he certainly doesn't want SUV owners cluttering up his town halls asking impertinent questions.

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