Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Pig Finds a Truffle: Bill Maher Nails the Media's Approach to Israel

Bill Maher, of all people, nails the cynical truth behind the western media's seeming knee-jerk tendency to cast Israel in a dark light whenever the Israel/Palestine conflict rears its head: Maher: Media Is Way Too Stupid To Understand Israel/Palestine Conflict

"I think most of them do because I think the media, to take up your point, mostly - is way too stupid to understand the issues," Maher said. "So what they do is they go toward, ‘Oh, who's a victim?' And yes, their situation in Gaza is tragic. But partly it is tragic of their own making."

And how. I would add that there are clearly media people, especially the notoriously biased local stringers who work for the wire services, who actively promote the Palestinian cause and manipulate facts and even photographs to enhance the "Israel = Nazis" narrative.

In a world of woe, where war and mass murder occur in a half dozen hidden corners everyday, it ought to be embarrassing to the media that they spend so much time focused like a laser beam on the Gaza/West Bank soap opera. The implicit assumption always seems to be "Wow, all these caterwauling Palestinians are upset, so there must be something to it." Never mind that virtually every moment of the Palestinian Grievance Passion Play is as carefully scripted as Triumph of the Will. Events in the "occupied territories" are magnified so out of proportion, and come so fast and furious, that you need the mind and memory of a Charles Krauthammer to keep the history straight. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of media players would rather focus on the biggest whiners?

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