Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Gusher of Dumb: Cutting BP's Dividend

President Kick-Ass and his ideological allies are calling on BP to cut its dividend to demonstrate its penance for despoiling the Earth. Here's something I am sure these know-nothings have never considered: Dividend Cut Will Hurt Retirees
We have to remember one thing -- BP bought 10 years ago, Amoco, Arco, a very large American corporation with a lot of people working for BP today. And the retirees are pensioners from the Amoco and Arco days. So by cutting the dividend we're penalizing completely innocent people that worked very hard for many years. And now, the dividend is the way they support themselves. So, I don't understand."
The problem with liberals is they think the only way to earn money is by either drawing a regular paycheck (with 1% paid to the union), or by getting some sort of government assistance. Any other income source is either suspect or a complete mystery to them. And, these are supposed to be the smart guys in American politics. They don't even rise to the level of knowledge of two guys arguing in a bar. You have to wonder who they think are receiving those dividend payments.

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