Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pas de déjeuner sans prix

Your "Durrrrrr!" moment of the day, courtesy of Gideon Rachman at
The Financial Times: Europe Is Unprepared For Austerity

I used to think Europe had got it right. Let the US be a military superpower; let China be an economic superpower – Europe would be the lifestyle superpower. The days when European empires dominated the globe had gone. But that was just fine. Europe could still be the place with the most beautiful cities, the best food and wine, the richest cultural history, the longest holidays, the best football teams. Life for most ordinary Europeans has never been more comfortable.

It was a great strategy. But there was one big flaw in it. Europe cannot afford its comfortable retirement.

To paraphrase Admiral Yamamoto: "We have awoken a sleeping idiot."

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  1. Hee hee! Your blog title translates to "No Free Lunch!" I have several conservative French blogs linked on my site and I understand French fairly well.