Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just as an addendum to the previous post, I was listening to the radio this morning and heard Chuck DeVore discussing Assembly Democrat's plan to "save" welfare by borrowing billions of dollars against the recycling Fund and raising taxes on state oil producers. As usual, DeVore was very impressive, pointing out that California is the third largest oil producing state in the country (did you know that?), and that state oil producers already pay an enormous amount of tax on their activities. They even pay property tax on the oil that is still in the ground! DeVore can talk energy policy almost as well as Sarah Palin, and hearing him left me chomping at the bit to see him square off against The Boxer.

But, here's the thing, neither DeVore, nor the interviewer (local red-meat KSFO host Brian Sussman) mentioned DeVore's Senate campaign! Instead, Sussman signed off with an anodyne "good luck in your future endeavors." Sussman is as partisan as it gets. He's been sticking his nose into every California state primary race, even in the ones like for Secretary of State where only one person is running for the GOP nomination. Surely, he would have said something about DeVore's campaign, unless DeVore asked him not to.

DeVore's campaign web site is still active. He's still soliciting donations with an "All Hands On Deck"/"Three Weeks To Go" appeal, but it looks like he's already preparing for a loss. Certainly, Carly Fiorina's Palin-derived surge has to be a blow. I made fun of Red State for demanding that DeVore drop out if he hadn't caught up to Fiorina by now. It could be he's looking to do just that.

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