Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Ought to Hold the Little SOB's

This is classic: PM Brands Gran A Bigot

(you see, kids, this is what the news looks like when it isn't dominated by mega-corporations concerned with preserving "access")

We should never forget that what tripped Brown up wasn't that he insulted this woman into a live mike. It's that she tied him into knots with an off-hand comment about immigration, an issue on which progressive elites and the citizenry are hopelessly at odds. Brown & co. are so used to having their way on this issue that it is second nature to them to regard any criticism of immigrants as racist, even when there is no racism in evidence.

It reminds me of when how liberals used to be derided as "soft on crime" back when I was a kid because, frankly, they were... soft on crime, pursuing policies rightly seen as tying the hands of the police and favoring the criminals; all the while lecturing people on "root causes" and racism. Nixon was the first one to really go after liberals on this issue (for which he was promptly labeled a racist), but as late as 1988, the GOP was able to run their effective "Willie Horton" ads against Michal Dukakis. And it wasn't until Rudy Giuliani began enforcing the law, rather than appeasing criminals, that the great urban crime wave of the Seventies and Eighties began to recede.

Liberals might see immigration as an irresistible wedge issue, but they have no good answers to the questions people have about unrestrained immigration, especially when the vast majority of illegal immigrants come from one country - Mexico - for no better reason than it shares our southern border. Indeed, liberals have declared legitimate complaints about immigration to be verboten: The Obama Syndrome
Chandra Levy was a lovely young woman murdered at age 24 while jogging in D.C. Although her secret lover, former Congressman Gary Condit, was suspected originally, the police eventually arrested an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. My friend Amy has a beloved daughter around the same age as Chandra.

Most liberals, like Amy, envision illegals as those pleasant maids or house-painters who could do no harm. And that benign image often is accurate.

But there are numerous Americans who've learned the darker side of illegal immigration. The families of Chandra Levy and, more recently, Arizona rancher Robert Krentz have been victimized by sociopaths from south of the border. Other citizens have seen their kids destroyed by drugs from Mexico or Colombia.

But the public doesn't get to hear much about the wreckage, except for a quick news flash when tragedy occurs. The rest of the time, there's silence in the service of political correctness. Even when a virulent new flu strain threatens to cause worldwide casualties, no one dares call it by its source of origin -- the "Mexican flu."

Given the times, what Arizonians did was amazingly gutsy. They said the unthinkable: that law-abiding Americans suffer when law enforcement is not allowed to actually enforce laws. And -- most taboo of all -- that Americans matter.
Liberals may not want to talk about this, but Americans - like many in Britain - look like they're ready for a conversation, but only if there is some sort of border enforcement first. But, just as liberals could not stop themselves from coddling criminals, they are constitutionally incapable of dealing frankly with the immigration issues that confront us. How long before "soft on immigration" is an election-winning pejorative?

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