Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Sh***y Senator

via Breitbart, here's the video of Senator Carl Levin (D-Failure) saying the word "sh***y" 11 times in reference to the "notorious" Goldman Sachs housing short. Levin was't inadvertently caught on tape at a bar with Patrick Kennedy. No, this is from the Big Goldman Sachs Hearing. You have to feel sorry for the Goldman executive who is at the receiving end of this bogus "populist" cussing. Note to anyone preparing to go before a hostile Congressional committee. It works out better for you if you yell back at these jerks:

Levin is 75 years old. Presumably he will run for re-election in 2014. His state is the absolute bottom of the economic barrel, and got there thanks to the sort of pro-union, high-tax, demonize The Rich posturing that is Levin's political bread and butter. He should have as much credibility on economic issues as Jim DeMint would have on the mechanics of delivering abortion services. Yet here he is grandstanding with all his might against a company that managed to use its wits to survive the Crash of '08 while others were destroyed. Where are the internal emails for Fannie and Freddie, Senator? When are you going to tell Franklin Raines and his successors that they did a sh***y job enabling the subprime explosion?

Economic crises come and go, but pompous liberals are forever.

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