Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did You Know...

...That the Catholic Church is funding Adult Stem Cell research? The Anchoress has the scoop: Vatican Funding Stem Cell Research

If you are surprised to learn that, it might be because you have trusted the mainstream press when it has told you -mostly based on their own distorted reporting- that “Christians -especially Catholics- hate science and would send us back to the Bronze Age.” The press -and more than a few politicians- like to pretend that faith and reason cannot co-exist, or that science is anathema to the church.

It takes only a search engine and a few minutes of one’s time to learn that nothing can be further from the truth, or to discover the names of great Christian scientists who go mostly unsung. Why would the mainstream media prefer to generate an ignorant and erroneous conventional wisdom over the simple truth? Aw, you guess.

Funny, when was the last time you heard anyone talk about the wonders of embryonic stem cell research? Remember when John Edwards said that Christopher Reeve would have been able to walk again, if only (heavy sigh) George Bush hadn't "banned" (f*** you, Edwards, there was never any ban) stem cell research? Now that Bush is out of office and safely caricatured as a religious zealot, no one seems eager to bring about our stillborn age of miracles and wonders.

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