Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best & The Brightest, the Sequel

Arnold Kling goes Big Picture on us: Comments on Two Column

My take on the mortgage finance boom/bust, TARP, the stimulus, health care reform, and the global warming crusade is that they represent a series of ruling-class mistakes. From my perspective, these mistakes are in the tradition of such ruling-class mistakes as World War I and Vietnam.

I attach paramount importance to resisting the ruling class at this time. I view ethnic and cultural controversies as devices used by the ruling class to keep the resistance divided. The ruling class wants you to think that if you don't support their entrenched power, the country will be over-run by a bunch of anti-intellectual racists and homophobes. I call baloney sandwich on that one.

No one else has said it, but I will. The same people who brought us the Crash of '08 and subsequent Little Depression are largely from the same cohort of Baby Boomers that have done so much to change America for the worse.

Even as we have increased the wealth and standard of living for all Americans, they still rage over "injustice." Even as we have made decentralized knowledge more accessible to the masses, they insist that only Brobdignanian institutions are capable of organizing the 21st century. Even as we have largely chased racial discrimination from public life, they insist on treating every issue as another March on Selma (sort of like William Faulkner's old quote that for Southerners, it's always morning on July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg). And they still fall like a ton of bricks for every stupid fad that comes along; whether it's The Twist, Jim Morrison, EST, or Global Warming.

Will we ever be rid of these people?

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